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Article: Craftsmanship in perfection: shape gluing for curved lamps

Die elegante Massivholz Stehlampe – ein einzigartiges Design, das Funktionalität mit Ästhetik verbindet. Die geschwungene Form verleiht Deinem Raum eine moderne Note, während das hochwertige Massivholz eine warme Atmosphäre schafft.

Craftsmanship in perfection: shape gluing for curved lamps

Craftsmanship in perfection

Welcome to SpeicherArt, where craftsmanship and sustainability come together in an incomparable way! Our quest to design individual and exclusive home accessories while being sustainable sometimes puts us to the test. Here we rely on old and environmentally friendly production processes, mold gluing!
In this blog entry we would like to give you a fascinating insight into the art of shape gluing and show you how we use this technique to bring breathtaking, curved floor lamps to life. The blog entry tells the story of the production of our wooden floor lamp “Solara”.

The art of mold gluing

The method allows us to shape the solid wood into spectacular, curved shapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Form gluing can be found in many craft areas, such as shipbuilding, stair construction or for a wooden floor lamp. There are almost no limits to creativity and possibilities! When it comes to our home accessories, we rely on a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.
  • Planning & Drawing:

The cornerstone of any mold gluing is planning and drawing. For successful gluing, you have to think about the thickness, width, size and bend in advance. For a better idea, we visualize our thoughts with a technical drawing. When considering this, you should always keep in mind that you will still be planing and sanding the surface. So add processing waste to your desired dimensions! If you are happy with your planning, you now need to create an outline for the template. The plan should show your desired bend perfectly, because that's exactly what your blank will look like later!
T ip: When planning and drawing, make sure that the solid wood retreats slightly after being removed from the template and does not correspond 100% to the shape!

The production of the solid wood floor lamp begins with the 3D drawing. In the picture you can see the unique planning of the arc lamp 3D model of our curved floor lamp "Solara"

  • Construction of the template:

We need a new, individual template for each product. You should choose a thick and stable base plate for the stencil. We chose a 24mm thick OSB board. The base plate must also be long enough for your project. We can then use our finished drawing to place the solid wood pieces on the OSB board in order to bend the slats over them later. The wooden blocks must be screwed securely onto your template because you are stretching the wooden slats over the blocks and this creates a lot of pressure!

Template for the curved floor lamp made from solid wood. Construction of the template

  • The solid wood selection:

One of the most important points is the careful selection of wooden slats. We rely on first-class solid wood from regional, sustainably managed sources because we believe that the quality of an end product depends directly on the quality of the materials used. Especially when gluing shapes, your wood must be dry and have a moisture content of 8-10%. In addition, wooden slats with cracks and many knotholes are unsuitable for successful gluing. For the form gluing we primarily use standing annual rings so that the wooden slats do not have so much tension.
Tip: Find a reputable wood dealer to buy your solid wood, pay attention to the wood moisture and the annual rings.

For more information about wood science, click here .

Sustainable drying of solid wood in our old granary. Naturally dried over several years to ensure the perfect wood moisture for further processing. Dry solid wood

  • Preparing the solid wood:

Our solid wood planks have been drying in our old warehouse for years. For our wooden floor lamps, we separate the planks and cut thin wooden slats with a fine saw blade. Thanks to the sharp and thin saw blade, we minimize waste and ensure that the cutting quality is perfect for direct gluing. The thickness of the wooden slats depends on the desired bend. The stronger your bend needs to be, the thinner your wooden slats need to be. We used 8 mm thick slats for the moderate bend of the “Solara” floor lamp.
If you don't have the opportunity to cut your wood yourself, you can also buy the slats ready-made, but be sure to pay attention to the quality and condition!

Solid wood slats for gluing the shape of the arc lamp. Highest quality for the curved floor lamp. Preparing the solid wood

  • The final step: mold gluing

The wooden slats are generously dabbed with wood glue . The wooden slats are then pressed into the template and secured with clamps. To minimize the pressure on the solid wood, always stretch your clamps from the center outwards. Since the wood glue only applies with pressure, the motto here is “better too much than too little”. That's why there should be a clamp every 5-10 cm to ensure perfect contact pressure. If slight glue bubbles form when you press the clamps, you have used the perfect amount of glue.
Our adhesives are free from harmful chemicals and meet the highest environmental standards. We make sure that the gluing process has as little negative impact on the environment as possible and that our arc lamps are not only beautiful but also safe for the environment.
Tip: First place the wooden slats in the mold without glue to check whether the bend works with the cut slats. When doing the dry exercise, you shouldn't apply too much pressure, otherwise the thin slats could break. This requires sensitivity!

Gluing the solid wood slats. The unique shape of the floor lamp can only be achieved using the template.

The mold gluing

  • Completion:

Your craftsmanship is required during completion. The lamp blank, which forms the basis for further craftsmanship, is now given its finishing touches through a combination of grinding, planing and milling. Here the steps vary depending on the location and function of your project. These points are crucial to preserving the natural beauty of the solid wood and ensuring that your project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable.

Our unique curved lamps

The result of our mold gluing is simply impressive. Each floor lamp is a work of art in itself. The shapes the wood takes tell a story of elegance and beauty. Whether in a modern living room or a classic interior, our arc lamps adapt harmoniously to any environment and give it a timeless aesthetic.
The curved floor lamp is not only a work of art, but also proof of the versatility of solid wood. With shape gluing we can create both gentle curves and bold arches that direct the light in a very special way. Each floor lamp is unique and brings some individual wood art into your rooms.
The curved wooden floor lamp presents itself in an elegant design that combines functionality and aesthetics. The curved shape gives the room a modern touch, while the high-quality solid wood creates a warm atmosphere. A stylish and unique highlight for every home.
Our curved floor lamp


Mold gluing is an environmentally friendly and traditional way to give solid wood a unique and individual shape! The old craft technique gives the curved home accessories a special character and an aesthetic look.

We at SpeicherArt are proud to keep this traditional craftsmanship alive and to lead it into the future with a sustainable eye. We continually set ourselves new challenges in order to continually improve our home accessories. Each floor lamp shines in its uniqueness and symbolizes the harmonious connection between nature, craftsmanship and aesthetics. With our curved floor lamps we not only want to brighten rooms, but also spark enthusiasm for handmade home accessories.

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