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Article: Our wood wax, wood care products made from linseed oil and beeswax - Ameno

Holz Politur Ameno. Hergestellt von uns persönlich und in Deutschland. Zu 100% lebensmittelecht und Bio. Perfekt für die Aufarbeitung von Massivholzoberflächen. Holzöl und Holzwachs Gemisch für eine doppelte Schutzschicht.

Our wood wax, wood care products made from linseed oil and beeswax - Ameno


Our in-house wood care product is based on organic linseed oil and beeswax from a beekeeper from a neighboring village. The wood oil consists of 100% linseed and is cold pressed without preservatives or additives. The bee colonies mainly cover their own honey needs and are not exposed to any pesticides.

All ingredients used for the wood wax are therefore food-safe .


Four steps are necessary to produce the wood polish.

First we melt the beeswax in a water bath, as soon as the wood wax is liquid we add the linseed oil to it in the right proportion. We then refine the wax-oil mixture with an organic orange oil. It is important to only use a few drops of orange oil so that the pleasant smell of beeswax and linseed oil remains in the foreground. In the last step, we fill the still liquid wood polish into glasses where it can harden in peace.


By combining oil and wax, a special protective layer is created on the wooden surface. The oil fires up the grain and color in the solid wood, while the wax closes the pores in the wood. The in-house wood wax adheres to the surface and makes the solid wood less sensitive to liquids and wear.


Our wood polish offers you an easy way to refine and protect your wooden surfaces.

A protective layer that repels environmental influences, such as moisture and bacteria, is created. By caring for the surface, the grain is highlighted again and your wooden surfaces regain their desired shine.

Especially for cutting and serving boards, as well as other surfaces that are used frequently, we recommend regular care with linseed oil or our in-house wood polish.

When the wood becomes dull and rough, it is time for care. It is important that the dry surface is sanded in the direction of the grain. The wood polish is then worked into the wood surface using a lint-free cotton cloth.

You can find more information about surface care in our blog entry: Care instructions for cutting and serving boards.

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