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Article: The creation process of our home accessories: From the first idea to the sellable accessory

Unsere Stehlampe aus Altholz eine echtes Unikat. Ein Wohnaccessoire was in Handarbeit gefertigt wurde.

The creation process of our home accessories: From the first idea to the sellable accessory

Importance of the creative furniture making process

The creative process behind the creation of our home accessories at SpeicherArt is one of the most important steps in the entire production process. It is a widely ramified process that extends from the basic idea through planning, sketches and drawings to the finished product.
No matter whether it is a table , a floor lamp or another home accessory - every detail must be carefully considered. From materials to size and shape to colors and finishes - everything needs to be planned to get the perfect result. We face every challenge and achieve our goal of delivering the best possible result.
Our planning and production at SpeicherArt. Everything is made by us to guarantee the highest quality for your home accessories.
Every step is crucial to the final result: from design to construction and manufacturing. In this way, we not only bring sustainable home accessories, but also a piece of creativity into your home. Thanks to our creative process, we give every room personality and individuality - solid wood furniture with character and style. We are committed to working on every detail so that our customers can be offered quality furniture.

Introduction: SpeicherArt as a furniture manufacturing company

SpeicherArt is an innovative furniture construction and design company. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible solution for their home, business & office. We are passionate and dedicated to developing creative solutions and producing high-quality home accessories.
With our wide range of home accessory designs, we can adapt to any room and design it exactly how you want it. We also attach great importance to quality and sustainability when selecting materials. Our extensive product range ranges from rustic styles to graceful design pieces to give you the best possible selection for your home.
With our commitment to first-class craftsmanship and fulfilling individual customer wishes, we want to offer our customers an unforgettable furniture experience. SpeicherArt looks forward to enriching your home with our creative home accessories and creating unique stories in your rooms.

Brainstorming and conception

Understand customer requirements
In order to deliver a high-quality end product to our customers, we must understand customers' requirements and wishes. Our company produces exclusive solid wood accessories that are handcrafted with care and expertise. This process means that we have to put ourselves in our customers' shoes to find out what their needs are in order to develop a tailor-made home accessory.
We attach great importance to quality and careful craftsmanship so that our customers can enjoy their piece of furniture for a long time. For this reason, it is important to us to understand customer requirements and expectations. This is the only way we can ensure that we end up offering a home accessory that you will be thrilled with. Especially when it comes to high-quality furniture, it is important to take your time and think carefully about which details are best suited to the respective interior style - by keeping the customer's needs in mind.

Brainstorming and inspiration for furniture ideas

Brainstorming and inspiration for exclusive, handcrafted and high-quality solid wood furniture can be a challenge. But with a few simple steps you can help the process along.
The first step is to take your time and browse through different materials. Solid wood samples and color samples are a great way to make the right choice. It is important to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the material.
Another important aspect is to be inspired by other designers. By looking at existing furniture you can collect ideas and develop your own visions. Talking to friends or family can also be helpful as they can offer new perspectives. However, brainstorming should not be limited to the look of the home accessories.
It's also important to think about functionality. How can the furniture make the most of the space? What additional functions could be integrated? Once all these factors have been taken into account, it's time to create a design. It is important to remain flexible and make changes when necessary. Overall, the development of exclusive solid wood furniture requires patience and creativity. But with the right brainstorming process and a dose of inspiration, unique handmade home accessories can be created that meet the highest quality standards.

Sketching and drafting the concepts

A crucial step in the manufacturing process of SpeicherArt's unique home accessories is sketching and designing the concepts. This is where creativity really comes to life!
We sat down together to conjure up an individual design based on our ideas and requirements that hits the spot. At the beginning of this process, we take a close look at our ideas and requirements for the accessory. From dimensions to color palette - everything is taken into account to create a perfect home accessory.
Then we get to work and let our creativity run wild. Sketches, drawings and digital designs are created to visualize different design options. Both aesthetic aspects and practical functions are taken into account in order to develop a harmonious overall concept.
Sketching and designing the concepts is the beginning of an exciting journey that ultimately leads to a unique and individual home accessory from SpeicherArt. We pride ourselves on creating unique furniture and accessories that will make our customers happy and provide enjoyment for years to come.

Transfer of sketches and drafts into a technical drawing

In SpeicherArt's creative furniture construction process, the transition from sketched ideas to initial design drawings and technical drawings is a crucial step that forms the foundation for later implementation.
As soon as we have captured the visions and ideas for the home accessory in a hand-drawn sketch, it is then a matter of transferring these ideas into precise technical drawings. Our expertise in 3D modeling and CAD design is used for this purpose. We create detailed technical drawings based on the sketches and taking into account all details such as dimensions, proportions and functionality.
These drawings serve as a blueprint for the craftsmanship and the entire manufacturing process. The technical drawings make it possible to visualize each home accessory down to the smallest detail before actual production begins. This not only ensures precise implementation, but also efficient and smooth production.
The transformation from creative sketches to technical drawings is the step that turns ideas into tangible reality. It is fascinating to see how the first sketches and design drawings transform into 3D modeling.

Technical implementation and production

Transferring the design to production
Transferring the design into production is a crucial step on the way from concept to unique home accessory at SpeicherArt. As soon as the creative sketches and technical drawings have been created and all of our requirements have been taken into account, the real creative process begins. The next steps depend very much on the product that was planned.
First, the required components are ordered or manufactured by hand, such as the glued component of our elegant floor lamps. This means that craftsmanship always remains an essential part of our home accessories. We give every piece of furniture a personal touch and a pinch of attention to detail. Since we carry out every step of production ourselves, we can guarantee the highest quality and perfection in every single piece of furniture.
The transfer of design into production is therefore an exciting moment in which ideas come to life and grow into tangible works of art. Every step is carried out with dedication and precision to ultimately create a piece of furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the highest functional requirements. At SpeicherArt, the transition from design to manufacturing is a very exciting process that creates an individual experience for our valued customers.

Assembly, finishing and quality control

Assembling the individual components

Assembling the individual components at SpeicherArt is a fascinating step on the journey “from idea to home accessory”. It is the moment when each handcrafted piece of furniture takes its true form and becomes a unique work of art.
Each individual piece is sanded, shaped and adjusted by hand to create a seamless connection. Now it becomes clear for the first time whether the planning was successful and all components fit as planned. The assembly is a real highlight in production at SpeicherArt.
We give every home accessory a story and a unique expression of our customers' individual style and personality. Every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is the result of a harmonious interplay of creative design and precise implementation.
We are proud that our home accessories are not only functional and aesthetically appealing, but also embody a timeless quality. Assembling the individual components is the key to creating these distinctive masterpieces that will touch the hearts of our customers and bring joy for generations.

Surface treatment and finishing

The surface treatment and finishing are the finishing touches that make our handmade furniture pieces at SpeicherArt true works of art. In this crucial step, each home accessory is given its individual touch and its beauty is highlighted.
Finishing is the moment when the pieces of furniture receive their final shine. We rely on high-quality finishing processes that not only ensure an attractive appearance, but also provide a protective layer.
We mainly rely on natural wood oils, such as linseed oil, because it is food-safe and can be used in a variety of ways. This protective layer guarantees that our home accessories are well protected against everyday use and maintain their beauty for many years.
When it comes to surface treatment and finishing, we consciously use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Because we believe that true beauty arises in harmony with nature. Our home accessories are therefore not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals.
Surface treatment and finishing are the final chapter in the history of every piece of furniture from SpeicherArt. With the use of craftsmanship and dedication, we give our home accessories their unique personality. Each piece of furniture becomes a true work of art that not only fulfills functional purposes, but also touches the hearts of our customers and transforms their living spaces into unique oases of well-being.

Final quality check

The final quality check marks the culmination of the creative furniture construction process at SpeicherArt. Before our handcrafted masterpieces reach our valued customers, they undergo comprehensive and meticulous quality control.
We take a close look at every home accessory to ensure that it meets SpeicherArt's high standards. Every aspect is checked - from the precise processing of the individual components to the flawless surface treatment to the function of technical elements, because it is important to us that every home accessory is not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional and durable. We also test the stability and stability of each home accessory to ensure that it can withstand daily wear and tear and will provide our customers with years of enjoyment.
The final quality check is also a moment of joy and pride for us at SpeicherArt. It is the moment when we are sure that our pieces of furniture are not just furniture, but also works of art, the result of our passion for craftsmanship and individual design. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with only the best furniture. With this dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we at SpeicherArt create a truly unforgettable furniture experience for our customers.

Summary of the creative furniture making process at SpeicherArt

The creative furniture making process at SpeicherArt is a fascinating journey “from the idea to the piece of furniture”. From the initial idea to conception and sketching to technical implementation and production - every step in this process is of great importance.
Our passion for high-quality craftsmanship and individual design is reflected in every home accessory that leaves our workshop. Our customers are at the center of the process, and their requirements and wishes are our motivation.
With careful planning and creativity, we transform these visions into unique designs and precise technical drawings. Transferring the design into production is a crucial step that lays the foundation for the craftsmanship implementation. We consciously rely on traditional handcraft and environmentally friendly materials to create home accessories of the highest quality.
The assembly of the individual components and the surface treatment give our accessories their unmistakable personality and timeless beauty. Every piece of furniture tells a story of passion and dedication that can be felt in every detail.
The final quality check is the proud moment when we are sure that our home accessories are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also meet the highest standards. SpeicherArt is not just about furniture, but about creating works of art that enrich our customers' homes and tell stories for generations.
Our pieces of furniture are an expression of our love for craftsmanship and our passion for individual design. We are proud that our furniture is not just furniture, but a piece of craftsmanship. We look forward to continuing to create unique pieces of furniture and enrich our customers' homes with our creativity and craftsmanship.

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