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Article: Our care instructions for cutting and serving boards

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Our care instructions for cutting and serving boards

General instructions for use

  • Under no circumstances should cleaning be done in the dishwasher.
  • Avoid excessive heat (do not place hot pots on the board)
Note: If the above instructions for use are not followed, this will result in irreversible damage to the solid wood board.


After using the cutting board, it is important to clean the surface with hot water (approx. 60°C). This is necessary to kill bacteria and germs and keep the surface clean.
The surface should be watered on both sides to prevent the board from warping.
After processing meat and odorous foods, we recommend using dishwashing liquid.
Note : Solid wood warps when watered or dried on one side.


After cleaning, it is important to place the board on the long edge to dry.
If the board is placed on the end grain edge, cracks will form.
Note : End grain can absorb water particularly quickly. This should be avoided.

Surface care instructions

After long-term use and frequent cleaning of the board, fading and rougher surface will occur. To counteract this, here are our step-by-step instructions for optimal care.
  1. Sand the surface along the grain with sandpaper (grit 180)
  2. Remove sanding dust from the surface
  3. Massage natural wood oil e.g. linseed oil or the storage type wood polish into the surface with a cotton cloth and allow to take effect
  4. After about 30 minutes, wipe off any excess care product with a cloth
  5. After care, avoid use for approximately 12 hours
Note: Surface care should only be carried out when it is dry.

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